Stan Winston School
SWSCA Alien Art Contest Grand Prize 2019

The Spider Alien for film Violent Starr, US release date 2019
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Infected By Art Volume 4

The Forest Lord 2016

Infected by Art volume 5

Warrior Faun 2017

Infected By Art Volume 6

Spider Alien 2017

Infected by Art volume 7

Krampus 2018

Grand rapids comic con
group costume award 2016

Jim Cosplay as Killer Croc, prosthetics by Arend Smith (with Shanelle Leonard as Enchantress, not pictured)

Infected by Art volume 8

Cedar Shaman Mask 2019


Violent Starr 2019

Spider Alien Suit

The closet dweller

The Closet Dweller Monster, release date TBA